Hail to the King

The new Arthuriana anthology from Uffda Press, King of Ages, which includes my Merlin-centric story “The Breaking Dawn”, is now available for purchase in Kindle and paperback formats. Seeing as I was born in Hartford, I do believe this officially makes me a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. (These are the jokes, folks!) I will turn it over to the official press release here:

A fresh take on a legendary tale, this anthology of thirteen short stories is a testament to just how eternal and timeless the story of King Arthur truly is.

One recurring aspect of Arthurian literature is the notion that he will one day return as a messiah to save his people. Another hallmark of the King Arthur legend is that Merlin — wizard, prophet, and Arthur’s most trusted advisor — lives backwards through time. What if Merlin was actually advising multiple reincarnations of King Arthur during various points, and places, in time and history? And what if this all began at the end of time?

King of Ages is an anthology like no other, showcasing stories that re-imagine King Arthur at several points in history, from the end of days all the way to the beginning of mankind.

Featuring thirteen all-new stories by

Paola K. Amaras • Patrick S. Baker • Josh Brown • Dale W. Glaser • Doug Goodman • Joanna Michal Hoyt • Philip Kuan • David W. Landrum • P. Andrew Miller • Mike Morgan • Alex Ness • C.A. Rowland • David Wiley

“A wonderful collection of short stories, with many vivid imaginings of different Merlins and Arthurs across space and time. A must read for fans of the Arthurian legend, as well as anyone who loves good story.”

— Katherine Sparrow, author of The Fay Morgan Chronicles

Get yourself a copy and enjoy!