Sympathy for the diabolical

I just received the cover image for the next anthology I will have a story published in, Under a Dark Sign from WolfSinger Publications. Since the message came complete with instructions to feel free to begin promoting, I’m happy to unveil it here:


My story, “Rendered by her Deeds”, begins in familiar fairy tale territory, with a wicked queen and her ruthless schemes. I’d like to think I managed to push it in a more interesting direction, exploring how real power comes not from winning a game but from re-writing the rules. You’ll have to judge for yourselves when the book, in keeping with its villainous theme, is released on Halloween. (Advance copies will be available at MileHiCon if you simply can’t wait and happen to be in or near Denver.)

I do want to note that the cover reveal for Under a Dark Sign marks my third consecutive specfic volume with a hooded, cloaked figure on the cover, including King of Ages:


and Twice Upon a Time:


Must be a thing.