Behind the curtain


I have a new short story scheduled to appear in the May 31, 2016 issue of Electric Spec magazine, and I was invited to contribute a post to the Electric Spec blog providing a little creative context for the genesis of the tale. My blog post can be found here: Electric Spec blog. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The story is now live! Read it here: RED SCREAMY!


The swath to be cut

Elizabeth Bathory portrait
Elizabeth Bathory. Perhaps you sense where I’m going with this.

As April rolled gently into May, I had a fair number of short stories out there in the marketplace, waiting for judgment to be rendered by discriminating fiction editors. To wit:

  • One story was short-listed with an online market expecting to make final decisions by “early May”
  • Two other stories had been offered to print markets, one periodical and one anthology, both with May 1 submission deadlines, which presumably means acceptances and rejections would be decided shortly thereafter
  • Yet another story is out to three different markets, two of which have been holding the story for long enough that they’ve gone past what my market research tells me is the average response time for each. This could mean the story is under serious consideration; on the other hand, it could mean nothing.
  • And one more story is in the queue with another market, still below the threshold for average response time but a mere five days shy (out of 31) as of today. I had previously submitted a different story to this market and gotten a rejection in less than a week, so once again, perhaps this means something, but perhaps not.

So, clearly, I am expecting May to be a bit of a bloodbath in terms of rejections piling up deep in a short span of time. Such is the life of the aspiring writer sending out his or her work in hopes of finding an editor with whom they resonate. It can be a bit of a trial.

However, last night I got an e-mail from the first market I listed above, and it was an acceptance! Whatever else happens, the May results will not be a complete and utter washout. My newly accepted story should be published on the last day of May, and I will provide links and such at that time. More updates on the other stories in limbo as they resolve themselves as well!