Brutes and buccaneers

Avast! My story “Flashing Trident and Fiery Anvil”, one of six all-new adventures in the Pro Se anthology of freebooters and freaks, Pirates Vs. Monsters, is available now!

Pick up a print or Kindle copy from Amazon, go straight to the publisher (which is an extra step on the way to, but at least gives Pro Se a little sales referral bump), or check out the other e-book options at Smashwords!

This has been a long time coming. I wrote this story a couple of years ago, during what can only be described as my initial getting-serious-about-writing frenzy. I pitched it for this specific anthology before I wrote it, and got an enthusiastic greenlight, so finding a home for it wasn’t the issue. It just took a long while to work its way through the publisher’s pipeline, partly due to the sheer volume of books Pro Se puts out and partly due to unavoidable behind-the-scenes difficulties and delays. But all that’s bilgewater under the troll’s bridge now!

Actually, I don’t believe there are any trolls to be found in the pages of Pirates Vs. Monsters. Werewolves, as promised on the cover, for sure. Djinn and reanimated corpses and leviathan sea monsters, too, as well as a cyclops army in my own contribution, a tale of the swashbucklers of antiquity caught between the authoritarian might of the Pax Romana and the inhuman fury of creatures out of myth. Something for everyone!