In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a trio of recommendations, or in two cases reminders, since I have promoted a couple of these titles before:


KING OF AGES – Among the many tales of reincarnation within this volume is “Pirate King” by Josh Brown, which imagines Arthur and his knights as a swashbuckling pirate crew.

THOSE WHO LIVE LONG FORGOTTEN II – I am long overdue in introducing this anthology, but today is a fairly apt occasion. This collection concerns itself with the fates of immortal legends, characters whose lifespans far outstrip their original narratives. It also just so happens to lead off with not one but two nautical tales: “The Slumbering Green”, by me, about tall tale sailor Alfred Bulltop Stormalong (and the Kraken), followed by “The Last Bone” by Wm. Bernan about John Paul Jones (and a vengeful sea goddess).

And, of course, PIRATES VS. MONSTERS, cover-to-cover tales of ne’er-do-wells of the high seas, from my second century Mediterranean brigands to Chinese river pirates during World War II to Blackbeard himself. Plus there are monsters, but if I told you which ones it’d give away half the fun.

Three humble suggestions for occupying your free hand whilst the other holds tight to your bottle of rum.


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