All the hallows. ALL of them.

Much as I enjoy being feted for being a dad, or patriotic cookouts, or lots of other annual communal celebrations, my two far-and-away favorite holidays of the year are Halloween and Christmas. I reckon that might be apparent if you’re familiar with my work – I’ve been a repeat contributor to the PulpWork Christmas Special for the past couple of years, and not only do I tend to write a lot of creepy horror tales, but one of them (“The Trap“) is actually set at a Halloween party on Halloween.

This year, sadly, PulpWork Press is not putting out a Christmas Special. However, that’s for a very good reason: they are putting out a Halloween Special instead!


And you can find it at Amazon. If you can restrain yourself, the Kindle edition will be available for FREE download for everyone between October 25th and October 29th. But if the suspense is killing you, or you want to get your hands on the paperback version, far be it from me to stop you. Once again I’ve lent my talents to PulpWork in the form of a brand new adventure of Kellan Oakes (private eye and son of a druid). And I’m joined in this volume by Tom Deja, Josh Reynolds, Joel Jenkins, and more!

If you’re looking for reading material to accompany your countdown to All Hallow’s Eve, the PulpWork Halloween Special should hit the ghoul-loving spot!


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