Super Teaser

Remember a while back I mentioned that I had sold a superhero story which would be published as a standalone electronic short? That is still in the works, but progress has been made. Final edits have been completed, and I wrote the official synopsis the publisher will use to market the tale:

All Rick Ormond ever wanted was to help save the planet; he never expected to have to do it with his bare hands.

Earning an advanced degree in environmental engineering seemed like the right path for an idealist intent on making a difference. But as obstacles and frustrations mounted, Rick lost his sense of purpose, culminating in a cold, dark night when he hit rock bottom. The same night, he was transformed into Snow Wolf, a super hero on a mission to preserve the ecosystem of Earth against depredation and defend every life it encompasses.

The goal was clear but the means by which it could be achieved were not. Just when Rick thought he had hit upon a positive way forward, he encountered a challenge from an unexpected quarter, one which only he and his unique abilities could hope to oppose – and one which would call into question the fundamental nature of his crusade.

More updates to come as the publication date approaches!



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