Irons in the fire

It is still January, so I can still talk about New Year’s resolutions, right?

One of the things I decided to work on a little bit more this year was trying to get some of my previously published stories reprinted. And in addition to that, I would try to get some of my previously published stories (in a few cases the exact same ones) repurposed, as podcasts.


There are numerous podcasts out there which cater exclusively to short fiction, featuring voices reading stories aloud like tiny audiobooks. And quite a few of those audiostory curators are only interested in previously published work, so that struck me as an optimal way to reach new audiences with my existing work – all while I continue to work on creating new stories, too.

So I have a lot of pieces circulating out there in the world right now, waiting for a yes or a no in one form or another. In fact, just this past weekend, I got an acceptance for a story I had written way back in the summer of 2015 and had been shopping around ever since. The specific market that ultimately accepted the story was one I had sent it to in April of last year. (I should note that they both acknowledged and apologized for the long lag time in their response, and indicated advance understanding if the story were no longer available.) The acceptance, which came on Saturday, helped take some of the sting out of the fact that on the same day, I received a rejection (for the story I mentioned in this post), followed by a completely separate rejection from a podcast (where I had submitted this story) on Sunday.

But, again, it’s good to have lots of inquiries out there waiting for answers, so I immediately sent the reprint off to a different podcast, and sent the unpublished short story to a different anthology, and the work continues.


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