Lycan Valley Press has re-issued several anthologies, including Final Masquerade, which includes a story of mine entitled Another Night in Paradise. (I blogged about the story when the anthology was originally released, in this post.) Here is the new cover:

I have updated the cover on my Works page and wanted to explain why, particularly to anyone who picked up the first edition and then wondered if it had come from a parallel universe or something. Sadly it is merely the result of more mundane happenstance, changes in ownership of publishing companies and rebranding and whatnot. All the same, I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to plug my work given the slightest pretext, so feel free to pick up a copy!


Bit of a dry spell

Last year I saw nine of my short stories published, six of them in the first five months of the year. So it’s been a bit discomfiting to see nothing of the sort happening in the corresponding time frame this year. Only a single story of mine has seen the light of day in 2017, and other than that, newsworthy developments have been few and far between, leaving this blog feeling a touch … barren.

It’s not that I’m worried that I’ll never get another piece of work out there again. I have two new stories lined up with publishers and due to arrive later this year, and I’ll speak about them in due time when they are released. I have another invitation to write a story which is guaranteed to come out, provided I buckle down and finish the thing. And I have two more stories accepted for anthologies which don’t have publication dates set in stone at the moment, meaning they could come out this year, or maybe next. Sooner or later, I’ll have a project come available to the masses which I can crow about.

And it’s not as though I’ve been sitting idle waiting on all of the above to happen, either. I have at least five additional stories which I’m still actively shopping around (so long as we define “actively” in the traditional publishing sense of submitting the story and then hoping the six week average wait time for a response passes relatively quickly). One of those stories batted a thousand on its first three submissions in getting some variation on “this was really good but we just didn’t have room for it, check back again the next time we have an open call!” Which is heartening enough for me to believe it will find a happy home soon enough, with enough optimism left over for the rest of the bunch to boot.

So, yes, a dry spell is what it is and all that it is. Eventually it will end, and you will hear about it here first.