Investigators of the transmundane

Somewhere around the middle of 2016, an announcement was made of the intention to launch a brand new periodical of short genre fiction: OCCULT DETECTIVE QUARTERLY. This appealed to me on a number of levels, mainly as a fan who enjoys reading stories about square-jawed heroes facing off against the supernatural, and as a writer always happy to see a new potential market for my own work. I’d feel a certain amount of both consumer enthusiasm and professional gratitude for any new venture whether its focus were pure robots-and-aliens sci-fi or throwback sword-and-sorcery fantasy, but Occult Detective Quarterly was particularly welcome because, of course, my recurring character Kellan Oakes is a private eye who regularly tangles with figures from druid lore and other magical, mystical spheres; he is, by very definition, an Occult Detective.

ODQ, as it has since become affectionately known, released its first three issues over the course of 2017 (the cover to #3 pictured above), with more to come in 2018. And I’m exceedingly pleased to say that there will be a brand new Kellan Oakes story appearing in one of those 2018 issues, schedule TBD and further announcements to come when final decisions are rendered. But in the meantime, much as I plugged Weirdbook for its own sake before it was possible to obtain an issue with my work therein, I am eager to signal-boost for ODQ, thusly:

THE MAGAZINE: Here is a link to Doomed Meddler Central, where you can find more information about the publication’s mission statement and also make use of links to the various issues available on Amazon.

THE ANTHOLOGY: ODQ also has a Kickstarter campaign running right now for a 300 page anthology, Occult Detective Quarterly Presents, featuring stories similar in subject matter to the magazine’s regular contents but more expansive in length, if that’s your cup of tea. The campaign is nearly over but to my way of thinking this is the ideal time to throw in: the project is fully funded, so you would basically be pre-ordering the book (and potentially subscribing to the magazine for 2018 as well, which again, will guarantee you a new story of mine in due time), and your backing would help achieve the stretch goal of fully illustrating the anthology.


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